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Knitting vs Crochet - What's the difference?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Never crocheted before and wondering what it actually is? We’ve taken a quick look at some of the differences between crochet and knitting.

The main difference is that crochet uses one small hook whereas knitting uses two long needles. In crochet, between the needle and your hand you hook and loop the yarn to create loops that are built up and joined to make chains.

So which is easier?

Fans of knitting and crochet would probably argue their favourite is easiest. We find that crochet requires less concentration as once you get in to a rhythm it becomes quite simple and therapeutic. Because you have your second hand free to help, it’s a bit like eating with a fork vs knitting is more like chop-sticks, the learning curve is much steeper.

Stitches in knitting are usually smaller so it takes more time and patience before your pattern starts to develop. Crochet stitches build on from each other so projects are usually faster. Knitting is better for people who think more logically, whereas crochet is more spatial – you’re gong up, down, around and over.

What’s the best thing about crochet for beginners?

It’s much easier to go back and fix a mistake in crochet, you can simply undo the knots you just made. With knitting it’s a little more tricky as you have multiple loops on your needles at once and one dropped stitch can make the whole thing unravel!

Why is crochet best for woolly hats and headbands?

Crochet uses around a 3rd more yarn than knitting. This makes it slightly more expensive but it gives you much thicker fabric with more interesting textures. This is why crochet is perfect for woolly winter headbands!


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